Examples of our land art pre 2017

Below are a selection of our many installations.

YFC Badge

This was our first ever effort on a small scale, creating the Young Farmers logo by sowing different species of grass into a pattern.


 Wedding Land Art

Make your wedding extra special with some personalised land art.


This was created by mapping out the intricate pattern designed by artist Trudi Entwistle on the Yorkshire Water reservoir banking at Stanbury. Then we cutting and fed alternate strips to give contrast.


One man and his Dog

This was a line drawing by artist Simon Manfield which we transferred from paper to pasture in this field in Stanbury. Once we had plotted the lines with white ribbon, our colleague David Burlison painted them in with environmentally friendly paint.

All Kings are Temporary

This was done by mapping out the letters of Robert Montgomery’s short poem some of which were 40m tall. The undulating nature of the field made getting the letters spot on from the viewing point was incredibly difficult. Then we fed the grass using fertiliser to make it go darker than the existing sward around it.


Cow and Pig
Fields of Vision wasn’t all about high end art, we launched a competition in conjunction with Keelham Farm Shop to find a local artist and this was what our winner came up with. This was installed in an extremely steep field and was done by our members cutting and securing white canvas to the field to reproduce the image on a massive scale.


Infinite Cycle of Time

This was one of favourite installations for the Yorkshire festival, the 100m x 60m artwork was designed by Razwan Ul-Haq. It resembled a cyclist on his bike but also spelled out the word time in Arabic. This piece looked great in the daytime but what we didn’t realise was that it would also look fantastic in the night.


The Leap

This was a fun one, artist Louise Lockhart came up with a design called The leap which crucially for this installation was a single line drawing from start to finish with no tight corners. We then plotted this into the field and cyclists including Countryfile presenter Ellie Harrison rode their bikes around it wearing the grass away to leave a brown on green image.



Here and There

Imran Quereshi is one of Asia’s most prominent artists, he designed this artwork in Pakistan and it was made and delivered to Baitings Reservoir where it was installed by Young Farmers.

The Swoop

This was our only permanent installation at a former tip in Elland. Jane Revitt designed this artwork and we spent days placing the recycled plastic white starlings in a murmuration formation.



One of the easiest installations we did was this one by cutting circles into a farmers field.  The artist Steve Messam had taken inspiration
for this from the sound waves that solitary ravens make in the countryside. 

Bride and Groom
Shortly after the Grand Depart 2014 came through Yorkshire, one of our team got married and two of the other members made this very special land art that the brinde and groom would see as they left the church. All the guests and lots of the local community also saw it and everyone said what a nice touch it was, the bride and groom thought it was one of their best wedding gifts.


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